2014: Centenary of the Great War in Trentino

2014: Centenary of the Great War in Trentino

Centenary of the Great War: Trentino commemorates the Centenary with plenty of events!

Centenary of the Great War in Trentino

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First World War (1914-1918) changed the history of Europe and it had vast impact on the Trentini people. Today the War is still an open wound and a central topic in Trentino.
The war fronts left their mark with Dozens of fortifications, hundreds of kilometers of trenches and mule tracks, tunnels, cemeteries and so on.
"Trentino '14-'18. From war to peace" initiative is designed to safeguard assets and resources, as well as encouraging development so that they can be appreciated by visitors and tourists. For instance, remains and memories of the First World War have been saved and displayed in the halls of 19 museums.
This year, as Trentino commemorates the Centenary of the Great War, the conflict can remain in your memories in countless ways: when you walk along footpaths built by opposing forces or when you visit forts and emplacements, trenches and military paths. By visiting these places, you can transform your holiday in Trentino into something unique, something that will enrich you physically, spiritually and intellectually.

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