Blue Flag 2017: Trentino is waving more blue flags

Blue Flag 2017: Trentino is waving more blue flags

10 Blue Flags awarded to Trentino lakes

News recommended by Camping Trentino Outdoor in 2017 - Press Coverage:

Trentino is waving more blue flags. A whopping 10 Blue Flags have been awarded to Trentino beaches along a total of seven lakes that have been honoured by this prestigious award by the F.E.E.(Foundation for Environmental Education) in 2017. The Blue Flags of Caldonazzo Lake with the beaches of Lido, Tenna, San Cristoforo and Calceranica have been confirmed from last year, along with Levico Lake.
New recipients however are represented by the beach of Roncone Lake in Sella Giudicarie, Porto Camarelle beach on Lake Idro, the Lido Bertoldi beach of Lavarone and by the beaches of the lakes of Serraia and Delle Piazze in the municipality of Bedollo.


A true land of lakes, in Trentino you can count 297 of them. An eye for sustainability, attention to the environment and quality services are key. The best-known is without a doubt Lake Garda, renowned throughout the world for its ample beaches, sailing and windsurfing. But that’s only part of it. The smaller mountain lakes are been sought after too, jewels embraced by green woodlands and high peaks, bodies of crystal clear waters, such as the lakes of Smeraldo, Tovel, Molveno, Nero and Tenno.


What does being awarded a Blue Flag really mean? It means that the water we bathe in meets quality standards. The water must respect rigid chemical parameters that are periodically monitored: no wastewaters, clean beaches and strict control of inflow. The Blue Flag is an international award, established in 1987, European Year of the Environment. Every year it is presented to municipalities and tourist destinations across 49 countries both in Europe and across the world.


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