Nights of the Alembics: Grappa is Protagonist!

Nights of the Alembics 2017: Grappa is Protagonist!

December 08 - 10, 2017 - An unforgettable event with one main protagonist: Grappa!

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From December 8 to 10 2017 you can experience the intimacy of small markets, the tradition of the alembics coming alive again each year and the scent of tradition. This is what makes Christmas in Valle dei Laghi so special.

The ancient tradition of distilling is revived in Santa Massenza, the cradle of homemade "grappa" (grape pomace-based spirit) in Trentino.
Autumn is the perfect time to visit the ancient village of Santa Massenza in Valle dei Laghi. Grape pomace is distilled in this season. This activity is fundamental to producing Trentino Grappa, the symbol of this village and of Trentino.
Spectators, provided with headsets, will be accompanied through the village streets to the warm atmosphere of the working distilleries for an entertaining and original tour narrated by master distillers that recounts the "history of grappa" and all its production stages. As a region dedicated to vineyards, Trentino produces excellent quality grappa due to its exceptional climate and its altitude.


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